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Since 2004, Infomanta reduces the cost and risk inherent in IT business solutions, while providing the highest quality, professional IT system services and solutions.

We provide solutions in three major areas:

  • Consulting Services
  • Distribution and implementation of software from partners
  • In-house start-up software development

Our team of experts will help you deliver better business solutions.


In the past few years we developed start-up companies. We provide mentoring and R&D services for this industry. Some of our past invested start-ups and ideas were G-Patrol, HappyHour, Lamore, Eats, RightRate and more to come :)

You are more than welcome to contact us and to ask for our opinion, Idea and any other related issue. Click here to contact us.

We are using Logojoy too.


Infomanta provides the expertise and the infrastructure to deliver information technology solutions on time, on budget and customized to meet all of your technology related IT business needs.

  • IBM z/OS IT Services like system and software development, performance tuning, disaster and recovery planning, risk analysis, project management and education services. Integration services
  • DevOps
  • DBA services
  • Software Security Services
  • Software outsourcing (z/OS, Unix, Windows, Mobile and Web)
  • Business management services

Infomanta offers a variety of professional solutions. Whether you are looking for help on implementing MVS or Linux system products, planning complex conversions or need consulting services to improve performance, our professionals will work together with you to meet your specific needs.

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z/OS Education Services are provided with the hosting of our partners in Israel, TopEdu and John Bryce. Courses are in the following areas:

  • z/OS system
  • z/OS security
  • z/OS JES & JCL
  • z/OS DB2
  • z/OS development - COBOL, REXX
  • z/OS performance Tuning
  • z/OS CICS / CTS
  • z/OS Automation Services
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We believe that customers can buy directly from vendor companies. We still provide consulting services if requested in the area of our past distributed products from Mainstar/Rocket Software, Jennifersoft, TrilogExpert, T3T and others.

If you like to discuss about using your product and selling in our area please contact us