Mainstar areas of expertise include:

Disaster Recovery
Storage Management
Mirroring Solutions
 Disaster & Local Recovery
Backup & Recovery Manager Suite provides powerful, flexible tools for managing and tracking OS/390 backup utilities, including ABARS, DFSMSdss, FDR, IDCAMS, DFSMShsm Incremental and AUTODUMP, IEBGENER, ICEGENER, and SORT.

ASAP identifies critical data for disaster recovery.

Catalog BaseLine supports an 'empty catalog' methodology at the disaster recovery site. The empty catalog methodology is simpler, cleaner, and less prone to errors, than taking populated catalogs and spending precious time and resources cleaning out unwanted catalog entries.

SYSchange provides a straightforward way to control changes centrally and to automate processes, requiring a minimal investment of time and resources to learn and to implement.

 Storage Management
Catalog RecoveryPlus (CR+) is the world's most powerful ICF catalog management product.

FastAudit/390 helps you keep your HSM and tape environment trouble-free with fast, accurate, and flexible audits.
HSM Reporter/Manager puts commonly needed system information at your fingertips and provides fast and complete reporting on HSM.
Storage Manager follows and even anticipates operational changes in DASD storage management environments, and manages effective DASD utilization.
VSAM Manager provides in-depth reporting on VSAM KSDS files.
Real-Time Defrag handles DASD management tasks, such as defragmentation, unused space release, and file extent consolidation, in just one step.

 Mirroring Solutions
MS/VCR provides quick access to point-in-time copies made from 'cloned' data.

MS/CSM enables you to more easily create FlashCopy or SnapShot
point-in-time copies for your disaster recovery or onsite backups.

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